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Invited Speakers



Ruxandra Mihaela BOTEZ - Short Biography
ETS, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada

"Neural Networks use in Unmanned Aerial Systems Modeling"


Antonio CONCILIO - Short Biography

CIRA - the Italian Aerospace Research Centre, Italia

Antonio CONCILIO, Salvatore AMEDURI
Scaling of morphing structures: a case study on selected effects"


Konrad KOZACZUK - Short Biography


Lukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation, Center for Composite Technologies, Warsaw, Poland

Konrad KOZACZUK, Bartlomiej WASNIEWSKI, Wojciech KRAUZE
Hybrid manufacturing of thermoplastic composite structure"


Alejandro MURRIETA-MENDOZA - Short Biography
Aviation Management Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


"A real application in gate assignment problems combining optimization, simulation, and delay prediction"


Svjetlana STEKOVIC - Short Biography

Associated Professor/ Docent at the Division Engineering Materials, the Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden

"Current and future materials research in aerospace"


JAMES A SHERMAN - Short Biography
AVIATION Forum Executive - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

"Advanced air mobility: a dream nearing fulfillment"

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